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Miasma Chronicles: Speedrun Challenge

Hey everyone, 

This September, we are challenging YOU to do something different, to make a name for yourselves and to have fun while doing it – we welcome you to the Miasma Chronicles: Speedrun Challenge. 

The rules are simple: Beat Miasma Chronicles as FAST as possible, Any%  

The time starts after the “Chronicle One” load screen and finishes when the animation of the final boss starts.  

Once you’ve completed, recorded and uploaded your run to YouTube or Twitch, please mark your entry on – 

The challenge will run until 5th January 2024, so there’s plenty of time to hone your skills and get that “perfect” run.  

After that, we’ll be inviting The Bearded Ladies, along with a few familiar faces from 505 Games to join us for a live stream on Twitch where we will be judging and celebrating the top 5 runs. Expect to see more information about this nearer to the time, alongside blogs and features of the infamous top 5. 

We’re excited to get involved within the speedrunning community and looking forward to seeing your runs. 

It’s about to get Tiger Tough!