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Character Profile – Bha Mahdi

Powerful, spellbinding, and unsympathetic, Bha Mahdi is determined to mould Elvis into the warrior she knows he is really. 

Bha Mahdi is a legendary warrior-witch and the last of the Bha’s: female sorcerers who could control the Miasma with their mysterious gloves. Jealous of the Bha’s power, the cruel and cold First Family, hunted them down and now Bha Mahdi hides in fear – fear that one day she will end up like her fallen sisters.  

After years in hiding, Bha has sharpened herself into a cold and focused weapon. Her mission is clear, to overthrow the First Family at any cost and restore freedom back to the people focused. The key to this mission? Her son, Elvis. If he can succeed in finding her, she knows that he’ll succeed in anything. 

Bha Mahdi is determined to mould Elvis into a warrior she knows he can be – but is blind to the one thing he truly needs: a mother’s love. 

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